Saturday, 4 October 2008

A Walk To Forget

I stepped out, and I walked
I walked and I walked
Down long tarred roads
down dirty dirt paths.

And on I walked, and I walked
winding with the promenade
I walked the longest walk,
Indeed to a place quite far.

I walked with the sun,
with its rise and its fall,
I walked 'round the world,
In no direction at all.

I walked with a purpose,
I walked with a place to go.
But it was where this place was
that left me at my greatest loss.

I walked, and I walked,
with longing weighing on my shoulders.
I wanted to walk home,
But no such place exists.

Dejected, I walked back from whence I emerged.
This road, arduous and long.
I wonder: did I miss the exit?
Did I take a turn wrong?

No answer came at all,
So I walked down my street,
Shorter strides by the minute,
Voices lost in the dance of a song.

What's the point of walking, when there's all these signs
and not a single one points to you.

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