Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Happiness By The Kilowatt

He jabbed her smartly in the ribs.
"Ouch! Masla kya hai tumhe?"
"Kuch bolo naa."
"Kuch nahin hai bolne ko. Kya boloon..?"
"So what? Just because there's nothing to say, doesn't mean you can't say anything."
"But what will it achieve?"
"I don't know, really. But it's communication, haina? I mean, here I am, talking, and you're listening. When you say something, you're talking, and I'm listening. And there's a link. There's communication. I want communication."
"....You're so weird."
"Kya, jaan..."
"Buss, meine keh diya hai.
I win."

You always won. I'd always lose, just so you could win. I tried to make sure you won. All the time. Every single time. In childish competitiveness, when I'd sometimes forget to lose, the prize didn't help. What's the point of winning if it doesn't get you what you want?

In your victory, and the joy therein, lay my prize. If you won, I won, even if I had lost. If you lost, I lost, despite official records.

All I want to do is help you win. So I can win. I like these rules we play by. Can't we keep them? Why change the rules now, when there's no need to?

Let's play again. Please. Let our tears flow, and dance into the twilight. And leave us to us, to play our games, so you can say buss, meine keh diya hai. I win.

So I can win with you.

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