Saturday, 24 December 2011

Cosmopolitan Beaches

We didn't like the memories we had
So we decided one night,
without anyone's advice,
that we'd make new ones. Our own.
Ours alone. Not "we", but "me".

But my memory tangles with yours
And we are lost in the kisses of tonight
Your name tastes like fine wine
as the oak bleeds into heavy words
like "idiosyncratic" or "attenuated".
Our cups hold far too much. We overflow
into each others lap. We drink ourselves dry
so the rain won't feel cheated.

In the midst of it all, I remember that
we are just echoes of a quieter voice
heard through the clarity of life and anger.
This will not come again. Not for several moons.
We will think "you should have been there with me.
This memory should have been ours. Not yours. Not mine."

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Changing Weather

There is always an air of expectancy, and patience. Everyone just stands around, waiting for something to happen. Everyone looks from one face to another, asking why this couldn't have been someone else.

He shakes his head and shakes his heart, while the others shake him by the shoulders. He tells everything to be still. He waits patiently as the sirens go off, and despair looms larger upon them all. He welcomes her as a friend, but she is cold to his touch.

"Is it you I have waited this long for?"
"You waited for whatever you wanted to."
"Good. I'm glad. I'm done waiting."

He walked away. The world began to melt into the shape of her lips tasting the warmth of the lion's mane.