Monday, 6 October 2008

Animation and Suspense.

I feel the rot within. It's somewhere between my neck, and my pelvis. It might even be right between my neck and pelvis. My entire torso. I think my head sometimes tries to compensate for the death and numbness I feel in the rest of my body. Right now, I am all too aware of the divisions between my toes, each and every one of them held in suspension apart from each other. Through the rot, there cuts a sensation in the pit of my stomach. I have no name for this sensation. It is sad. It is dejected. It is disappointed. It is tragic. It is lost to the world, as the world is lost to it.

Metaphors speed by, and straws cling on when you clutch at them. The void gapes, and monstrous entities as yet undefined outside a considerable level of abstraction erupt from the maw. From eyeless bigots, to beasts undone by their own devices, they come bearing my face. They come bearing my shame. They come to see me undone by my devices, as they were undone by theirs. The ground on which I stand crumbles just to swallow me whole.

Just as I did when I was the ground beneath her feet.

So let's steal away to Eden,
and on the way we can sing in the car
You can stop for a moment denying your pain,
and perhaps I'll forgive you a lifetime of war.

And you can reclaim all you gave away
if it's just for this one short day
and we can reclaim the friendship that we once had,
and set our hearts back to go.

At least then, we might just
elude the report and escape
with it hidden intact

that's it, keep's just buried in the sand

though as i dig by your side, I fear I should just up and blindly run
The world starts in the morning, and I can already feel the sun
And the tide is closing in, we're up to our ankles...

So goodbye, my sister...
I guess I will see you tomorrow.

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