Wednesday, 18 June 2008

There Aren't Any Secrets.

I want to be a vehicle for change. And by god, I'm going to do it. The things I want for us, they are not mere trifles. You will shower in lavender, make roses wilt with envy, command grace amongst unworthy lepers. Your throne will be wrought from my bones. Life will thrill you, and you will forget what it is like to try and breathe. There will be no time for such trivialities. My touch will become a part of what you are, as much as you will make me what I am. My thoughts will be your words, and our synergy will defy any schism. Time will melt into a warm embrace, smothered in dark chocolate, and traced by creme de menthe. We will not give chase; the artefacts will fall far behind in futile efforts to capture and contain us. And your happiness will be infinite. We won't be the same. We will be One.

Give yourself to me. Never leave me be.

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