Thursday, 17 December 2009

Why Yes, Yes I Am.

She said she couldn't see me
So I stayed at home and drank alone
singing along to the voice of falling snow.


He saw them fucking through the window of her basement flat. She was gorgeous. The man on top had broad, muscular shoulders. He was driving in hard. She was in ecstacy. The desperate rhythm kept him standing there, till the beat came to a halt.

He chokes back tears all the way home.


"Ever stopped to talk to a stranger in the street?"
"Well, why not make this your first time?"
"Never wondered how you walk by people, and they might have lives, just as simple or as complicated as yours? Never thought about why you do the things you do, and wonder whether they do the same things for the same reasons? Come on, I'm not dangerous, nor am I a lunatic. Look, I'll open my coat up. There's nothing under it but my shirt. Look, I'll even open up my shirt. There's nothing under it but hair, flesh, and some bone."
"Unfortunately for you, I'm miles away from home. And I'd like to get there soon."
"I understand. I'm not doing anything. Nobody's waiting for me. I've got nothing pressing coming up. May I accompany you?"
"...You're not a lunatic, but you're definitely some sort of crazy."
"Can I take that as a yes?"

She says nothing. He follows, and she says nothing still, so he follows.

"My name is..."
"There's no need for your name. We're strangers. Let's keep it that way."


Grey sunlight is streaming in through the snow-frosted glass. She is sitting on a bed. She lights a cigarette, and he takes a toke, standing by the window.

"Sex bores me now, but I still want it."
"Bores you? That's a first."
"I'm all kinds of firsts. How many times have you had a stranger in your house before?"
"Don't mind me. I have no problems being obnoxious."
"That's obvious."
"I'm sleeping with 3 women right now."
"You're awfully forthcoming."
"You don't know my name. You might never see me again."
"You know where I live."
"I'm prone to boredom. I might not want to come by again."
"*Sigh* so the 3 women..."
"A musician, a banker, and an artist."
"Variety, as they say..."
"Eh. It's more about ease and availability."
"Nothing emotional?"
"The musician is in love, and I'm breaking her heart..."
"I was talking about you."
"There is one, but she won't see me no more."
"I'm surprised."
"Your sarcasm is much appreciated, but I kept straight and narrow."
"However did you become Mr. Promiscuity?"
"She wasn't attracted to me anymore. Chose someone else."
"Hm. I think you're attractive."
"...Thank you. I think I'll be going now."

The awkward silence hangs for a bit, and proceeds to follow him out her front door. She sees him turn the corner, and whispers "I await you, stranger. Even though it's time to move on."


mehreenkasana said...

So I was reading this. And Remembrance by Balmorhea played along. It fitted the entire post so well, I could see the stranger, the man, the woman and the other man.

You, sir, write well.

Here. Play this and read it all over again. You'll know what I mean.

Zh. said...

the more she breaks your heart, the better your writing gets.

Dreaminglass said...

A) Thank you, Ms. Kasana.
B) Zh, That's very presumptuous of you. This, and I'll admit it is pretty astounding, had nothing to do with heartbreak, but it is mere fiction. Not mine, not hers, not yours, not ours.
C) Thank you for the compliment, but I can't help but think that it'd be a subtle, under-handed method of saying "Hey, at least something good comes of you being miserable!"...Not that I'm saying that that's what you're saying. Just what you could have meant had you said the exact same thing...

I'll shut up now.

mehreenkasana said...


Challo jee.

Dreaminglass said...

You challo jee yourself.

mehreenkasana said...

Aiwien? You challo jee YOURself. -.-

Dreaminglass said...

You challo jee your FACE.

mehreenkasana said...

Yaar. Mein ab kia kahun.

Zahra. said...

wow, i've never seen any one take a compliment that way before.

Dreaminglass said...


We meander through thoughts of things we left unsaid.