Monday, 14 December 2009


"I take that I might break, I'm discovering
that there's so much still worthwhile.
But most of all, I've learned to hate
that I'm still stuck on you."

He sings baritone, and she smiles at him, not knowing he sings of another.

"I'll miss you." are the words that form on her lips, and fly to his ears. "I miss her" is the sentiment singing in his voice, but the words that come out sound like "let me cook for you. But something new."

All the old dishes are hers alone.


She has no use for her eyes, so she drops them in his palm.

"When do I see you next?"
"Does it matter? I'll never see you again..."
"Let me cook for you...But something new. I'm tired of making the same old dishes..."

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