Monday, 8 October 2012

"Things are simple."

"Things were simple."
"They are as simple as you want them to be."

"If they're that simple, you're choosing to be blind."

They lay on the grass, side by side, counting stars in opposite directions. They played with each other's hair, traced each other's pulses, and tangled with each other's veins.

"We are vessels of transformation. History will forever bear the scars we leave."
"History is constantly shedding skin. We remain for a while, and then we are lost to casual musings and happenstance. We're all products of happenstance as is. We are in a constant state of flux, but we're spokes in a wheel, spinning around, going nowhere."
"Would you not even try going against its currents?"
"I never learnt how to swim."
"It doesn't matter. We are intertwined. The waters shall not separate us."


Years passed, and they crossed paths entirely, as it were, by happenstance. Introduced by a friend of a friend, she smiled into his eyes. "Yes, we've met before.", she said to their bemused acquaintance, and  waited for him to respond.

"This is a pleasant surprise."
"I would've thought you'd consider it fate."
"I thought we were passed that."
"So did I. Care for a swim?"



The Atom said...

I've no idea how it is that your words seem to reflect my state of being!!

Anuradha said...

Why do you write so well? Why do you not write anymore? Its breaking my heart.