Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Right Kind of Words

Someday, when sunrise dares to compare itself to you,
You in all your morning radiance,
You, searing white light in all your awe,
I will toil endlessly
To find just the right kind of words
To tell you, if I get the chance,
Just how much I lost
When I thought I could lose you
And live to tell the tale.

Every time I think of you,
I die a thousand deaths,
My own hands leading me to hell,
Notes scribbled on my palms,
"you reap what you sow".

This harvest has been the death of me,
And I keep on dying still,
But with every ebb of life,
I will still struggle against hope,
To find you just the right kind of words.

Perhaps then,
I'll die one last time,
and never again.


Winter Song said...

Oh hell! This time, you knocked the wind out of my write so devastatingly well. Why's there so much beauty in grief and sadness?

Dreaminglass said...

you flatter me. This is just verbal (or should I say textual?) diarrhea, just to get the thought/concept out of my head. Nothing more, nothing less. Certainly not deserving of such praise, but thank you for the kind words.

As for grief/sadness... I think they are greatly outweighed by the beauty of awe, wonder and amazement, but those are difficult concepts to conjure; by that, I mean to say that I believe they can't be instilled in you; they have to flow from you (a la that whole planting a seed rigmarole in Inception) while grief/sadness has a higher affinity for inspiring empathy and/or sympathy in a target. Ergo, grief and sadness elicit an emotional response much more readily than say, A steady contentment.

Sorry to become such a pedant about this. It is clearly too late in the morning for me to be awake.

Winter Song said...

I agree with you about grief and sadness attracting more empathy than happiness. And Inception, I loved it, it rocked my world for months. It still does.
I don't mind you being pedantic in these matters...I am a sucker for such bottomless conversations, esp when they're laced with insomnia. :)

Anonymous said...

i know how this feels, the tear at the heart and the burn in the eye. painful