Sunday, 24 June 2012


I count the times you said your words.
Once. Twice. Thrice. Again.
Your words, they flowed
Like rivers of milk and wine
When you spoke of them.
I heard every word you said,
Every single breath you tasted
As sounds escaped from your mouth
Through throat, over tongue, past teeth,
You said what I heard, and
I heard what you said.
Every. Single. Word. 
You always kept quiet, 
With so much to say. 
Except when your eyes poured out, 
And your words drifted along. 
I listened, and I hoped, and I wondered; 
When might you finally have 
Some words for me?


M said...

'I count the times you said your words.'

Painful concentration while counting sheep means that sleep and with it, salvation, evades you, no?

Dreaminglass said...

I must ask; do you (or do you not) know you're talking to an insomniac? Your knowledge will say much about whether you're trying to be clever, or merely unpleasant. (Maybe both...)

Not that I mind either, but, you know, I don't think I know you. Or do I? Anyhoo, I shall cease my rambling. *tips hat* Good day to you, and thank you for reading.

M said...

Nahin, you don't know me. The you wasn't meant to mean you but a you, any you. As much you as me.

I apologize on both accounts; of being 'unpleasant' which deserves an apology and of 'trying to be clever' which more people should apologize for. The intention was neither. And that is a possibility you should have allowed. Good day.

Winter Song said...

As a chronic insomniac myself, I've to say that the dreams that I hope to dream while I wait for sleep to hit me, are the ones that keep me awake....

Dreaminglass said...

Please, no need to apologize, haha. By all means, don't think I hadn't considered it, but being an unpleasant Smart-Alec know-it-all myself, I couldn't quite resist. And the "third person" you is a familiar concept to me. I've used it often, to great detriment to myself and my relationships with others. *hurrah*

Been swell talking to you, M. Have a good one.

The Atom said...

hmm... after quite some time..