Sunday, 25 March 2012

Aidan Moffat's Car Song

I thought I could forever be your passenger,
as we gently raced beneath
the trees of B roads and C roads,
watching for fauna and singing along
to that Classic Love CD we found in the hired car.
A weekend away from pills
and paranoia was the plan,
so we headed for familiar territory
in the comforts of memory.

I'm happy when we move.
I'm happiest in here,
where nothing's left to prove,
and nothing's left to fear.

i used to swim over there,
but that pub's gone downhill.
I made my very first and very last attempt at smoking
on that swing bridge with Gillian Smith.
We all loved Gillian.
Expelled from school,
we crashed the graduates' ball
in the function room of that hotel,
and I came second-last
in the treasure hunt.

I'm happy when we move.
I'm happiest in here.
where nothing's left to prove,
and nothing's left to fear.

So let's do it.
Let's sell our home and all our things,
and buy a camper van,
and live on service station junk food
and roadside pub lunches.
We can burn our smartphones,
and donate the computer
to the school down the road,
leave binbags full of clothes
we never wear outside the charity shop,
and just go.

We walk to the shore,
and I think I could keep going,
till someone deep inside you quietly screams,
"it's time to stand still",
and he's right. So let's go home.

And while we can't build in bricks,
I can build in my heart.
where we know heretics,
and we know where to start,
if the foundations rot,
should the wrecking ball swing,
if I misplace my plot,
and so lose everything
just remember us here,
hand in hand by the shore
and forget each dried tear,
and the burdens we bore.

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