Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Slowly, I'm drawing out everything and everyone that I chose to define me. I can't remember what I was before them, and despite my fright, my sense of curiosity is overwhelming me into rebirth.

I understand. I know I've traced lines in the sand, that I've pushed everyone back. I did it without wanting to. I did it out of compulsion. When my shadow fades from your doorstep, the air will breathe easier, knowing that it can flow freely without my bitter traps. Do not despair, please. It does not become you. Maybe, in another life where we are more fortunate, we can all become the night sky together, and scare the birds with our laughter and the warmth of our hearts. Till then, we must choose our own roads, and walk them home in the cold.


Remember this. I loved you then. I love you still.


The Atom said...

This is scarily similar to something a close someone might possibly be feeling..!

indeed some lifetime.. but the hope doesn't let go does it?

Dreaminglass said...

Nope. Firm grip.