Saturday, 5 September 2009

She stood, with long dark tresses that rolled to the shoreline, and a kiss that tasted of stomach acid. Her hands held his, and his fear stung her eyes. "Place your faith in me." she said, with a voice of kindness and grace.

His lips thinned in resolute decision, and he peered over her shoulder, over the edge, into the waters, into the sea. "No." was the cracking response.

Her eyes dilated. His hands grew cold. Her face felt his fear. His face felt rage. His "goodbye" trampled on her silence, and her flowing mane followed her into the cold murky waters beneath.

When the waves quitened down, he found a lock of her hair, clinging onto the the ledge. He untangled it carefully, and put it away.

"You, I'll keep for me."

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