Friday, 30 January 2009

Conjurations of another dimension.

A bow draws across nickel strings, conducting the chaos into form and model. A quiet lull dances with this mournful wail, and trails trace paths in the wake of your laugh. Stardust sprinkles savage this voluminous vacuum, as razors whip through the newly breathed air, carving whistles where the barest of fibers once hung. Ribbons and rods and clouds of God descend into view, to give shape to the nothingness within everythings that did not yet exist. Nothing existed were it not for that song. Just the song.

It was what she sang. Were it not for how she sang, it might never have existed at all. She sang it with her eyes, she sang it in her smile, she sang it through her touch, she sang it all the while. Her voice was the bow, her voice the string, her voice the crescendo, rising a thousand steps to mingle with the cumulonimbus, then falling through the depths of thunder's bullish wisdom.

Her words began to take a shape. It was not perfect, this shape; some might even have said it was far from it. But it mattered not. She called this shape "perfect". With tantalizing gestures of a gracious hand, she willed this yet-amorphous being in a beckon to the heavens. The shape rose, still cycling through its metamorphosis, searching for wings to spread in flutter. Panic broke through its skin, to assume odd proportions, odd angles, and unbecoming wield.

A surge of power erupted through the eye of the storm, and what had yet not been was drawn into the vortex beneath this rising missile, this unrelenting force still struggling to recognize its own shape.

The calm in her eyes brought calm to wings aflutter. The song in her heart brought heartbeats to this lifeless enigma. Her touch brought recognition of self. Her lips brought forth hunger, thirst, yearning, desire. Her laughter brought mirth.

Her embrace brought him into this world.


Opinionated Jaahil said...

Haye you write SO pretty. =(

Anonymous said...

It's perfect. Each word, put me in a trance. I love it. Beyond perfect. Love the way you write.

Zh. said...

embraces are probably the simplest and most effective way of telling someone you love them, you care about them, you want to be with them forever.

Anonymous said...

I think I just heard a stadium applaud.


It had been a good long while, you last wrote like that. :)

neeli said...

oh my gosh. beautiful!