Tuesday, 8 July 2008


In this world of red wine, fake cigarettes, and music, there is something from within that resides outside these parameters. In a distant land, there is a silhouette that turns with the light. A silhouette I recognize without having seen it before. It harmoniously moves with the melody inside me, applying rouge, orange lipstick, and blue eyeliner. From this shapeless darkness, it casts out a rainbow, spanning universes, defying all obstacles, marking my path back home. All the colours that exist engulf me, casting me in a limelight tinged all of God's unworldly splendour, and the shadow settles as a comfy blanket. I think I see the blink of an eye, but I see the world shift to place me at its heart of hearts. Hale and hearty laughter emanates from the good times that might someday be forgotten, but the humming chorus is my marching beat, and off it sets me, traversing nebulae, meeting strangers in a strange place called life. And so I go over this kaleidoscopic arch, marching onwards to the shape that cannot escape me, even without a prison to cage it. And I know, in my heart of hearts, that this shapeless silhouette waits with open arms, a loving smile, and a touch of crimson, flowing to me, drawing me in from whence it came. With all the intricacy of delicate jazz, formless fingers push my shoulders back, so I may walk straight, head held up high.

So that, when I am finally home, this silhouette will hold me, love me, caress me, and complete my world. In this world of red wine, fake cigarettes, and music, I will find my peace and unity in those shapeless arms I might never have seen before, those arms that will carry me when I cripple, into the heart where everything is in its right place.
Won't you please arrange it, 'cos I love you... Just the way you look tonight.

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